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ACLS Course

American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support

We are proud to provide theAHA ACLS Provider course for the health care providers of Atlanta, Georgia.

The ACLS Course offers many challenges for those who have never had the class. The seasoned veterans should be aware that the American Heart Association has made some dramatic changes to the ACLS approach of resuscitating the cardiac arrest patient.

Knowledge you should posses prior to taking the ACLS certification course.

  • You should be able to identify basic EKG rhythms
  • The concept of Starling’s Law (heart rate * stroke volume = cardiac output)
  • Pharmacology with a basic understanding of how each medication affects the Myocardium
  • American Heart AssociationCPR Healthcare Provider Certification

We offer a refresher class for the Advanced Cardiac Life Support course. The ACLS refresher comes in an online video format which can be viewed from the comfort of your home.

When students view the video prior to the ACLS class, they have a 98% 1st time pass rate for the ACLS Provider course.

ACLS Refresher Course Video:

  • Basic ECG recognition
  • Understanding Acid Base Balance (The Easy Method)
  • Pharmacology (ACLS specific medications)
  • ACLS Science overview (The Big picture)
  • How to Successfully run a Mega Code
  • The concept of Starling’s Law (hr * sv  = co)
  • 12 Full Mega Codes simulation (AHA standard)
  • How to recognize Heart Blocks (easy as 123)
  • Bonus (The secret to passing ACLS)  njn

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any further questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Kimberly Bratcher (course scheduler)

Phone: (678) 920-3469

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ACLS certification course $149
PALS certification course $149
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