Medication Safety and Children

Most parents are aware that children can get into anything relatively “QUICK” before you can even blink an eye. They are extremely curious and once they are walking on their own, look out, because they tend to rummage through everything they can reach. It seems that even things that can taste so terrible, toddlers still place things in their mouths and swallow them. If you are a health care professional and provide care to the pediatric population, consider a PALS certification course and become certified in advance techniques that can save a child’s life.

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Amiodarone has been introduced into the American Heart Association ACLS certification course.There has been many studies to support the use of Amiodarone over the use of Lidocaine. The toxicity levels from Amiodarone is much less when comparing the statistics to Mag Sulfate.

Potassium is much worse on the Heart as opposed to Amiodarone. When choosing a medication for the cardiac arrest patient, be sure to select Amiodarone. Many ACLS Instructors are moving toward the elimination of Lidocaine all together. Please be sure to consult with your Medical Director before following our recommendation.

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