EKG Certification Course

Class Begins March 16, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (Tuition $97 Dollars)

Atlanta Medical Academy
3230 North Henry Boulevard
Suite G
Stockbridge, GA. 30281

(678) 920-3469
17 minutes south of Downtown Atlanta

This EKG Certificate Course is taught in person in a conventional classroom setting. The purpose of teaching this EKG Certificate Course in the conventional classroom setting is for healthcare providers to be able to ask questions face to face and to get clarification on the concepts required to interpret EKGs.

Please be prepared for 9 hours of classroom instruction, lab time, quizzes and written testing. We strive to prepare YOU for the clinical setting where your ability to interpret EKG Rhythms is absolutely necessary.

Please obtain a copy of the book called “Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s” by Doctor Dale Dubin, Sixth Edition. Here’s what a copy of the book should look like.

You can Google the name of the book with PDF at the end of the title and often find a FREE Downloadable version of the book.

Being able to rapidly identify EKG’s is paramount in the clinical setting. We will be covering the majority of the topics listed in the Dale Dubin textbook.

Please know that reading this book before the EKG Certificate Course is highly recommended. It does not mean that you will have a complete 100%  understanding of all the topics or concepts discussed there within the textbook.

However, reading and studying the book before the start of the class will allow you to ask questions and to have a better understanding of the concept and topics when they are presented in the classroom. 

After successful completion of the EKG Certificate Course, You should be able to correctly place EKG leads onto the torso of the patient.

Quickly identify Lethal Arrhythmia’s as they present themselves on the EKG monitor.  

You should have the confidence that You have a solid foundation and a complete understanding in EKG Interpretation from which you can build from as your career positively progresses in the healthcare industry.

You will have a huge advantage over your competition when applying for a position in the healthcare setting. Just from the simple fact that many healthcare professionals cannot read EKG’s.

We offer the EKG Certificate Course once per month and seating is extremely limited. In addition, the course fills rather as well.

Be sure to register online or just go to the class-schedule tab listed above on the website and make payment via PayPal on the right hand side of the page.

We accept all five (5) major debit and/or credit cards. You can contact me directly by phone or by text should you have any questions or concerns. 

If you prefer to register via phone, please call Jeff Bratcher @ (404) 520-9009 or call Kim Johnson @ (678) 920-3469…

We look forward to seeing You real soon.

Cordially, Kim Bratcher, Course Coordinator

EKG Course Certificate

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