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Emergency Medicine


Doctors use emergency medicine when  patient comes with some serious injury and problems that can cost his or her life. Use of emergency medicine is not an easy task. Doctors who use PALS Certification take special care in using this level of treatment.Doctors that gives emergency medicine to their patients must have multiple skill. Because only single dose of improper emergency medicine can be  a threat to life. Normally hospitals rotate their emergency staff. Hospital  do it because they understand the role and importance of emergency medicine. Basically   the importance of  emergency medical  comes at a time of war. When  a soldier gets wound  then they need a quick  help and accurate dose of  emergency medicine.

Army use the emergency medicine more then any hospital use. Army always appoint a specialist doctors for it. Giving emergency medicine at a time of war is not a simple so army prepares its doctors in a manner so they can handle the patient without losing their concentration and save as much liver s as they can. Whenever an army doctors gives a emergency medicine they face sometime horrible condition because a high number of patient make huge crowd.

Major hospitals around the world  run their  own  emergency medicine department and provide ACLS certification to all their allied health care providers. For example All Indian institute of medical sciences is starting a new  specialized course on emergency medicine. Specialization in this subject will help the doctors to have knowledge about several branches of medicine. This is a forward step to make the students skill full and develop a large amount of human resource that can properly use the emergency medicine in emergency cases.

Now a day every country is facing a critical problem of human resource who can use the emergency medicine properly. There is a international body name “international federation for emergency is taking some steps .Main problem is that there is no international standard of curriculum for emergency medicine. For solving this major problem “international federation for emergency called a meeting of professionals and emergency medical experts to draw a world wide recognized curriculum for emergency medicine. This curriculum focus on a basic emergency medicine things which should used by medical institute to teach their student at time of undergraduate training.

Specialty in emergency medicine is new. In the emergency medicine only to train the doctors is not enough, whole staff including every one need a special training.The job related to emergency medicine also need  a attention  for every time in a day. Emergency medicine cases are not similar to first aid cases. Emergency medicine mainly focus on to preserve life and to promote recovery.

The most critical part of emergency medicine that students or doctor who go under the program of specialty in emergency medicine that they  do not get a clear idea about  the right way of  emergency medicine teaching practices.

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