In reviewing the medication section for the Asystole algorithm, Nitroglycerin IV is NOT even mentioned or added to this arrhythmia.  Nitroglycerin is an Anti-anginal and Nitrate.  Nitroglycerin relaxes vascular smooth muscle with a resultant decrease in venous return and decrease in aterial blood pressure, which reduces left ventricular workload and decreases myocardial oxygen consumption per Lippincott’s Nursing Drug Guide 2003.  Nitroglycerin is indicated for angina, CHF and PALS that is associated with a myocardial infarction, perioperative hypertension and to produce controlled hypertension during surgery.  Nitroglycerin vaso-dilates the vessels and blood is able to flow easier especially patients that have coronary artery disease and are symptomatic with chest pain/discomfort.  Titration is used for comfort and based on stable vital signs.  Nitroglycerin IV is titrated using MCG/MIN.  Follow physician orders when starting the Nitroglycerin drip.

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