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PALS Course

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

The PALS Course is offered in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Upon request, We can come to your location and teach the PALS class for you and your staff.

The PALS Course is designed to help the professional health care provider to deliver emergency medical care to infants, toddlers, children and young teenagers. Any health care provider who has the potential to be involved with the treatment of a pediatric patient should consider taking the AHA PALS Provider Course.

Our goal is to help each and everyone of you to be the best PALS Provider possible. Our Instructors are very patient and are willing to go the extra mile so that you are successful in completing the American Heart Association PALS certification exam.

The American Heart Association has made dramatic changes in the treatment of the Pediatric Advanced Life Support course . As you may already know, The emphasis on high quality CPR is paramount. The AHA has come to realize the importance of Basic Life Support.

For this reason alone, the concept of the PALS coursehas changed.  The American Heart Association has condensed the Algorithms in order to streamline the process of implementing emergency medical care.

PALS Course Algorithms:

  • Bradycardia: Slow heart rate that requires immediate care if the patient is symptomatic.
  • Tachycardia: Heart rate that is to fast which causes the patient to be hemodynamically unstable.
  • Pulseless Arrest: This is V-Fib/V-Tach or Asystole/PEA. Basically the patient has no Pulse!
  • Septic Shock: These patients require fluids and treat the underlying cause for Hypovolemia.

The PALS Algorithms can be better understood if you fully understand Starling’s Law. The concept of Starling’s Law teaches us that Heart Rate * Stroke Volume (stretching of the ventricles) = Cardiac Output

The American Heart Association provides the PALS Provider Manual which can be purchased at Amazon. There are many vendors who provide the PALS Course material.

My personnel¬† recommendation is that you purchase from Channing Bete who is the American Heart Association’s certified distributor. They usually have bundled packages of study material for the PALS Course.

Please feel free to call or email us for any additional questions or concerns…

Sincerely, Kimberly Bratcher (course scheduler)

Phone: (678) 920-3469

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ACLS certification course $149
PALS certification course $149
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